June 14, 2023

Type raises $2.8M to build a new kind of document editor

Stew Fortier

Co-Founder & CEO, Type


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At Type, we are building a new kind of document editor. It's designed to help individuals and teams write more, better, faster.

We are reimagining every component of the document editor to infuse it with speed, intelligence, and delight.

Today, we're excited to announce we've raised a $2.8M seed round, with participation from Y Combinator, Goodwater, Rogue Capital, Ascend, Cervin, Omega Venture Partners, and a number of other Silicon Valley funds and angels.

Below is more on Type's mission, product, and our plan to expand our team in New York.

Our mission is to help every individual and team express brilliant ideas

Every company is becoming a media company, and every person is becoming a creator. But the friction to produce high-quality content remains as high as ever.

Today’s large language models hold the promise of radically reducing the friction to create, but working with them remains fraught. They require tedious prompting. They don’t know anything about us or our work. They have little sense of what “good” looks like. And general-purpose chat remains a poor substitute for specialized interfaces and workflows.

Most of the AI writing products built over the past two years do little to solve these problems. They treat writing like a “one-shot” activity that should be fully delegated to AI.

We believe great writing requires the active participation of a human expert who guides and refines work as it's developed. We're designing Type to help individuals and teams realize their creative visions faster and at greater scale than ever before.

We're building an AI-first document editor that harmonizes with the natural writing process

Our first product is an intuitive, familiar document editor that makes it easy to write with state of the art language models.

In Type, a user can summon a range of AI-powered writing commands directly inside of their documents. This allows for a degree of precision that is only possible in a vertical tool. Type also has its own tightly integrated chat experience that enables open-ended, iterative AI workflows when needed, complementing the commands.

We’ve also built non-AI features that make for an enjoyable authoring experience.

Type is built from the ground up to be offline-first, which means most interactions (search, loading documents, etc.) are instant. Type works well on mobile, including as an installable progressive web app. And we've added simple keyboard shortcuts for Type's most useful commands.

Our customers are entrepreneurs, marketers, and creators who use Type to grow their business

Since launching in beta earlier this year, tens of thousands of individuals and teams have signed up to try Type, and hundreds have become paying customers.

Our most passionate customers are other entrepreneurs, marketers, and creators who produce content to grow their business or audience.

They use Type to write blog content, social media posts, newsletters, and other material they’ll share with prospects and customers. They choose Type over other tools because our editor makes it easier to generate and refine text that reflects their brand and expertise.

We’re a small, passionate team based in New York

Right now, we're a team of two based in Brooklyn.

Stew Fortier (CEO) is an entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple successful companies. Stefan Li (CTO) is a software engineer who previously built large-scale consumer products at Meta, Walmart Labs, and Sony.

We have an ambitious, challenging roadmap for the next few years and are looking to hire exceptional technical talent to join us in-person in New York.

We are actively looking for a founding engineer with a deep passion for building complex frontend apps. (if that's you, please reach out at founders@type.ai)

Our future: a writing collaborator that knows you

Our vision is to create a writing product that is a true partner, one that can anticipate your needs, pull out your best ideas, and articulate them brilliantly.

Over time, Type will learn how to think and speak like a person or their company. It will develop a deep sense of a user's goals, style, and knowledge.

In the future, it won't matter which words were generated by AI; it will only matter if those words say something people believe in.

You can start writing with Type here.

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