Last updated January 23rd, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Type? You're probably not alone.

What's included in a Type Unlimited account?

A paid plan unlocks all of Type's AI-powered writing and editing features, including access to GPT-4 and Claude 3.

All plans include unlimited documents and access to your content forever, and you can try Type for free for 14 days before subscribing.

Are there any limits on GPT-4 or Claude 3 usage?

Paid users are subject to some basic rate limiting while leveraging GPT-4 and Claude 3 in Power mode.

It is unlikely that you'll hit these limits, but we offer one-time resets if you do. Please just email "limit reset" to These limits reset roughly every 30 days alongside your billing cycle.

Paid users are not subject to any limits while in Speed mode, which leverages faster models like GPT-3.5-Turbo and Claude Instant.

How do I get Type to learn my writing style?

Type automatically mimics the formatting, voice, and knowledge that’s already in your current document.

The more detail and context you have in your document, the better Type's AI output will resemble your own writing.

If Type's automatic style mirroring fails, we recommend just including some style instructions in your prompts like you would in ChatGPT (ex. "please use simple language").

How do I get Type to continue writing something I've started?

Type has inline AI commands that let you generate text like sentences and paragraphs directly at your cursor. You can think of these commands as a more powerful version of autocomplete.

These commands will read and analyze everything that's in your document, then generate and insert text that matches the formatting, voice, and knowledge in your document.

You can tap "/" to summon the command palette. When you select a command, it will run directly at your cursor.

Pro tip: write the first few words of a sentence, then run the "write sentence" command to have Type's AI complete it.

Can Type help me rewrite something?

Yes! Type is great for rewriting content.

Type lets you highlight text, have the AI rewrite it, and accept or reject a rewrite directly inline in your document.

The simplest way to do this is to highlight the text you'd like to revise and select a brush. Brushes are designed to help with common rewriting tasks, like fixing grammar or shortening text.

Alternatively, you can rewrite text using your own custom instructions. Just highlight the text, tap "AI", then "Custom transform."

How do I write with GPT-4 or Claude 3?

Tap the lightning bolt icon in your document toolbar to turn on Power Mode. When you do, Type's AI will use the most powerful model available – currently, GPT-4 or Claude 3.

You can switch between the two by tapping the three dots in the document toolbar, then "Preferred model."

Can I upload or import documents into Type?

Currently, no. Instead, just copy and paste the content of any external document you'd like to modify inside of Type. Your text, images, and formatting should carry over from Word documents, Google Docs, and other common file types.

How do I export my document?

You can export a document to PDF, .DOCX, HTML, and Markdown by tapping the three dots in the document toolbar, then "Export document."

You can also copy and paste your content out of Type and your formatting should remain intact when you paste it elsewhere.

How do I share a document with someone?

Currently, Type is a single-player product. If you need to collaborate with someone else on a document, we recommend exporting it and opening it up in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

You can export a document by tapping the three dots in the document toolbar, then "Export document."

Type will have collaboration features soon, though :)

How do I change the language in Type?

Type will automatically respond in the language it detects in your prompt or document. Just start writing and Type's language detection feature should handle the rest.

If Type fails to respond in the correct language, just tell Type the language you'd like it to reply with. You can do this in your prompt (ex. say "respond in UK English" somewhere in your prompt) or in your document by noting your preferred language towards the top.

What is Type Chat?

Type Chat is a chat-based writing assistant that lives directly alongside your document.

It's similar to ChatGPT, but it's purpose-built for writing and has some handy integrations with your document. It can help you do research, give you feedback on your writing, brainstorm new ideas, or rewrite anything in your document.

You can find an overview here.

How do I change font sizes? Font families?

Currently, Type only offers one font (Inter Vars) and does not offer any resizing options. We'll offer these features soon, but for now we recommend exporting your document to Google Docs or Microsoft Word when you need formatting assistance.

Does Type have a mobile app?

Yes! While we don't yet have a native iOS or Android app, Type has a mobile web version that behaves similar to a mobile app.

You can install it by visiting in your browser, tapping the share icon, then "Add to Home Screen."

Can I use Type offline?

Yes. You can write, edit, and delete documents while offline. Type automatically saves your work locally and syncs it across devices when you're back online.

Note: Type's AI features do not work offline.

Is my data used to train any AI models?

No. Your data remains private and is not used to train any language models.

What kind of customer support does Type offer?

Type offers support over email, 24/7. You can email any bugs, requests, and questions to