January 17, 2024

Smarter AI and multi-tab support

Stew Fortier

Co-Founder & CEO, Type


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We just released a new version of Type that includes:

  • Smarter AI commands
  • Multi-tab support
  • Google login
  • A few bug fixes

Here's a quick rundown on each.

Smarter AI commands

We've upgraded Type's most popular writing and rewriting commands.

They now do a much better job of matching the style, tone, and knowledge in your document.

Here’s the output I got from Type's old "Write Paragraph" command as I drafted this post:

The paragraph it generated isn't very helpful. It’s longer than the other paragraphs in my draft. The voice is salesy. And it hallucinates a feature we don't even have!

Here's the output from the new "Write Paragraph" command:

This output is much closer to the style, tone, and knowledge contained in my draft. It even picks up on a subtle detail – many of my "paragraphs" are actually a single, long sentence.

In this release, we've improved two inline writing commands:

And two rewrite commands:

These improved commands are now live – just enable Power Mode to use them.

Multi-tab support

You can now open and edit multiple Type documents simultaneously. 

And each document now has a unique URL, which makes it easier to navigate in your browser.

Log in with Google

You can now log into Type using your Google account.

Bug fixes

We fixed a few annoying bugs in this release:

  • Search is now working on iOS
  • We fixed an occasional crash that occurred when pasting (very) long text into a document
  • We fixed an issue where Type could get stuck on the "loading documents" screen

Try the new version

Ready to give each of these a spin?

You can try them each in your Type account today.

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